Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genesis 1:31 "and [Elder Decker] saw all that he had [written], and, behold it was very good..." (look at me -likening scriptures unto myself ;D)
-all the people at the stake dance: Hi! I love you, and I think about you a LOT (actually a bunch more than I'd like to... no offence)
-Brittany Simmons: I have no idea if she reads this, but anyone in my French class needs to let her know that I met a little girl who talks EXACTLY like Brittany's silly kid voice. I was cracking up in normal conversation. It was great. ;)

This past week has been fun :) We've gotten tons of gifts from our FANTASTIC members! The work has been progressing! Two freaking AWESOME (solid as a rock) people are getting baptized this Saturday :) AHHH I'm SO EXCITED! :)
Last week, however, I was a bit sick. I was having some trouble getting up on time and maybe having some trouble with my attitude... By Sunday I felt pretty bad about my obedience. Saturday night I accidentally fell asleep super early before any prayers AND I didn't wake up until 7:16. I felt like a scrub. Though that's not that bad, I FELT bad, because I knew I could/ should be better. That day during the sacrament I realized that this guilt that I felt could be washed away. right now. I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked for forgiveness and committed to try my hardest to be better. I felt peace wash over me, and I knew that that guilt was gone and that I had just started over. 
I testify to you of the reality, the actuality of Christ as the Son of God. He is our Redeemer and that means that we can be redeemed. We can end our old lives of following dark paths and start afresh by being baptized and taking the sacrament. I find that amazing, and I am thankful for that every day. 
Remember that the love that God has for you is perfect and eternal. It is there when you're happy, it's there when you're the vilest of sinners, it's there when you discouraged. it is just, simply, ALWAYS there. All that you must do is hold to the Iron Rod that will guide you to partake of the fruit of God's love which is Eternal Life, and the way you take hold of that rod is Baptism. You or your friends need it. All that could ever happen when you share or accept Christ into your life is joy. Take it. and remember He's the purpose of Christmas and Life.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Well, in 10 days I'll have been out for 4 MONTHS!!!!! Where has time gone? This is madness. When that hits I'll have been done with 1/6 of my mission, which I don't even want to think about. I'm not allowed to be this old. I SWEAR I'M STILL A GREENIE! AHH! Well we had a pretty good week with ups and downs (as usual) but yeah, that's life. 
So, apart from the shortness of life, I've been pretty good. On Monday we had an incredible experience:
We had a lesson with Allison at a member's house. The spirit was SO STRONG as the Members and the Spirit testified of our lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ.) Everyone in the room felt it, especially Allison who is preparing herself for baptism very well. She's ready. We've just got to teach a few commandments and she's in the water. She knows that these things are true. I had the feeling to use Alma 32:35 and ask her "Is this not real? Are these things not true?" She said that she believed that they were real and true, and she will make the changes in her life that she needs to. We were all truly touched by the Spirit. 
You know what I TRULY love about Christ? There are many people who can be great examples for us, people who we can aspire to be, but Christ will help us follow his. He was the perfect example, and he is PERFECTLY helpful. That's what I love. He will help me as I strive to become like him. He will help me. He will help you.
This week I have realized how important the members are. You are the greatest asset to missionary work. If you are not, PRAY FOR MISSIONARY OPPORTUNITIES. Yes God will answer you and help you to know who, how, and when. Then do what he says. 
I love you and God loves you. He wants to see you happy with your friends in his kingdom
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Jackson Hole today, you've got -8 degree weather and snow. Good day to go skiing folks, so head on over to the Bunny Slope and carve some snow. 
Unfortunately, we can't ski on our mission, but it really is -8 right now. Our record was -18 this week, and we're looking forward to -20. 
Steager and Grant: heard you did great on your respective saxophones at Christmas on the Greens. Kudos :)
Bradley Stock: comes back from his mission today :) party time ;) 


The work here in Jackson is moving forward. Many people are ready to hear what we have to say, and are accepting our message. A few are preparing to get baptized, and someone got baptized Saturday the 7th. That baptism was nuts, and here's why:
-It was planned in less than a week. It was moved to a week earlier for many circumstances. It was the only day we could this month.
-The font doesn't work. Barely any water comes out of the spout, so, we filled it by hand. Took 2 1/2 hours of filling those massive church kitchen trash cans with water (in the kitchen) and dumping them in the font. It was pretty special. I don't think many have done that... 
-Then, we didn't have towels, so we called a family who lives near the church to drop some off. 
The baptismal service was amazing though. Everyone felt the Spirit SUPER strong. His great Grandpa talked for a bit at the very end, and the Spirit came in a rush.  
Family is the most important thing on this Earth. I'm learning this even more as I'm away from them during this season. Family is my main goal when I come back. That's really what I've been wanting for my whole life: a family of my own.
That may be my biggest distraction out here, however, Girls. They're EVERYWHERE! You can't ever escape (we're not allowed to go on the scout camp outs.) What is have to do is focus on my investigators. Learn all about them, constantly think about them and how I can help them. THEN I won't have time to think about girls here or back home. Prayer is key also. God will help in all things as we strive to do his will. 
This week I gave a blessing to a Recent Convert. She's been in distress about many things and is having trouble feeling the Spirit. After she told me that many things that I said matched her Patriarchal Blessing. God REALLY does work through us to help his children. Know that when you receive a blessing, it is not from the person whose hands are on your head, but from your Father in Heaven. 
I love you guys and be safe! Remember who you are and who's your Father. Don't drink and drive.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm not just saying this... it feels like every other day is P day. This is ridiculous. A mission is supposed to be 2 years, not 2 months (like it feels like.) 
some S/O:
Steager: Nice job on the turkey trot, and never ceases surprise me how much facial hair he has
Paxton Fam: Running is the best! Thanks for keeping my fam company for thanksgiving :)
This week I have seen miracles. 
As we are obedient and work hard, we WILL be blessed. This I know. Our investigators who are preparing to get baptized are changing and preparing. It's really amazing to see the difference that the gospel makes in lives. It really changes us more and better than anything else could or does. People try all the time to change, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can truly have a change of soul, and change of desires. This is the power of God. 
This month, we should have 3 baptisms. I honor God. This work is not of me, but of Him. This is the work by which the Children of God can return to him and the only way it happens is through our work and his will. Happy Christmas from God to his servants.
Thanksgiving was great :) We had 2 dinners, one with our ENTIRE district across the Teton Pass. It was SUPER FUN. It really made me grateful for the the members. They love us. They are so kind. These members had heard that I LOVE pumpkin pie, and the GAVE ME AN ENTIRE ONE. I've been working on it slowly since :) It's so delish. :) Our second dinner was with some members here in Jackson. It was a blast. There were like 17 people there and everybody laughing. There we met an amazing person who has since asked the Host when he can get baptized. God prepares his children, and when we're worthy, he causes them to be ready when we are there. 
Today we're off to Rexburg again to play some Gatorball (a mission invention) with our zone and the Rexberg zone. WE. WILL. WIN. 
So, this week I've discovered God's power to change people. The first 3 lessons are awesome, but the test is the 4th. The Commandments. That's when people really have to make a change in their lives. Before, one of our investigators didn't want to commit to the commantments, but this last week. He's committed to keep the hard ones: chastity and the WoW. God really changes hearts and helps us to see the light. This is conversion. It is real. 
I love this work, and it is REALLY the work of God. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So another week has passed again... this is nuts. I survived transferes, luckily, so we're still together, me and Elder Sanchez. :) YAY! I love this guy :) Best trainer EVER ;) 
Some shout outs:
Maggie: was said to be a FANTASTIC witch in the HS production of Wizard of Oz
the unnamed lion: I know not whom thou art, but I know of your valiant qualities. (apparently stole the show.
Madame Davis: Hi back! I'm sorry, but learning Spanish has destroyed my French. I don't even remember how to make the nasal sounds... kinda sad really... 
Don't drink and drive!
Now, on to the fun part. What the snot has Elder Decker been doing this week, well I'll tell ya. 
Elder Decker, first off, has been trying to learn how to teach the gospel to white people. White people are SUPER weird, no offence. I just don't know what to say (which is funny, cause I actually speak English...) I've started teaching gringos, because this week we started bilingual work here in Jackson. English work is way different. It's way easier. 
A miracle that has happened in the English work is that WE GOT A GOLDEN REFERRAL! We're going to meet her tonight. She's into the BoM, and wants baptism. She even wanted to FEED us before she even met us. We're super excited. This is especially significant, because we JUST started bilingual, and the English Elders who we transferred were flojos (slackers) and they got the referral, but it was right before they left. They haven't been obedient, and we have, and we got the gold. 
Friends, if you are obedient, God will bless you abundantly. If you keep the commandments, you will be blessed with Eternal Life! What MORE could you want? BUT it doesn't stop there. God blesses us in this life too. So... DO IT. KEEP the commandments. It's the only smart thing to do! SO DO IT!
I got my new BIKE this week :) We're going to ride a SWEET trail today. Trails are in abundance here, and I'm stoked. 
So, my spiritual thought for today.... you may be sick of this topic, but that's that. gratitude.
When we show gratitude, studies have shown, that we actually psychically become happier.  Studies have shown that when you are more thankful, you exercise more, are much less likely to be depressed. 
PLUS it makes everybody around you happier too. When people show gratitude to me, it COMPLETELY  changes my day.
Show gratitude. 
The people here are fantastic. SUPER giving, and SUPER kind. We've gotten a bunch of delicious goodies that we don't have the stomach capacity to eat, so we share with our District. :) good problem to have :)
the work is STILL progressing here! :D we've got another baptismal date with more probables. Friends, the work in hastening, but the only way it can actually do it in by everybody working, so do it :) 
I love you! I miss you! but NEVER enough to THINK about coming home. That would be awful.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ANOTHER WEEK HAS GONE BY ALREADY! This is madness. I've been out for 12 weeks. The only things that convinces me that this time has gone by is the snow on the ground, and I'm almost out of a transfer agenda. What the freedom fries?!? 
We've been working like dogs here in Jackson for 6 weeks, and NOW WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! :DDDDDD Pray for Moises :) He's a great guy. :) 
Another pretty big change for the work here in Jackson is that... This is now going to be a bilingual area. Elder Sanchez and I will be the only 2 missionaries for 10,000 people. This is insanity. This is madness. We're going to have to be Spartan missionaries. This is our planner just for the Spanish work that we filled out before we knew what was going to happen. 
We understand, though, why we won't be getting more English Elders. The ones we have are flojos (slackers). They really haven't been doing anything. We'll probably be doing more English work in bilingual than they do going just English. It's super sad, but true. 
So, this work has got me thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon and how key it is. It is the proof of modern prophets. It is the proof that our Church is the only that has all the truths. Through reading it, pondering about it, and prayer, God will answer all our questions about it's truthfulness. I have done just this. and guess what? IT'S TRUE. We can talk about the Bible all we want, but in order to have faith in this church, we need to KNOW the Book of Mormon. We need to read it, mark it up with color (you should see my Alma 32), and act on the thinks it teaches. 
The book of mormon is true. It teaches the gospel of Christ. It is the same gospel that was taught by Christ and the Apostles, just by different prophets in america with different stories. 
Yesterday I was kinda down with stress, and I needed some lifting. Then we got a text from a member asking us to take part in a mission farewell :) We sang the 2nd verse of "Bring the World his Truth" in Spanish. It was very powerful and reminded me why I'm here. I love this work. To bring all to come unto Christ is my sacred calling and purpose. It is a calling and purpose we all have. Why should we share our church? Cause it's true.
 We're going to go get some free haircuts and have a district farewell party :) ttyl :)
Elder Decker

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ok, another week has flew by
twas a week of awesome work
and zero pie. 
I had the sweet opportunity to have 2 exchanges this week! My first was with my valiant District Leader, Elder Machen, and the second was with one of our Zone Leaders, Elder Solorzano from Guatemala. I learned SO MUCH from both of them. It was nuts. 
From Elder Machen I learned that I am super stressed and that I don't need to be. I've been down because we haven't had any kind of success, not even people coming to church. I learned that even though Christ was a perfect teacher, HE got rejected and killed, so me in my imperfectness, having been out in the field for only 5 weeks now, I don't have to beat myself up. I just have to continue trying my hardest. 
I don't have much time, cause we're heading to Rexburg to go shopping. We NEED some stuff. I'll just share a quick testimony:
I know that this is The true church. I know that through the atonement of Christ, we can return to live with God again. And the only way to actually repent is through Baptism by one who holds the the priesthood, and only those in this Church have that priesthood. We are the only ones who can save the world. 
I've seen some miracles this week. We've met some golden investigators, and the only reason we found one of them is because of a member referral. You have the real power in the work of salvation. 
Living is laughing and loving, and the love that lasts forever, eternal marriage, can only be found through this church. Your friends are looking for what's important. Help them find the light. 
with love,
Elder Decker
picture- Me, my comp Elder Sanchez (big hat) and the ZL's, Elders Solorzano (far right) and Morales (far left)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blog time, week 9! 
-everybody give a high five to:
Maggie Beard! Got 2nd place at SC-Idol singing "Don't Rain on my Parade."! I don't think I know the song, but WOOT! She's a boss
Noah Burnett! Got 1st place SC-Idol doing a piano vocal thing! I don't know what song, but if it's Noah, you KNOW it's good.
Brad Rasmusen! (misspelled!) I saw his singing in the CES fireside like a boss! 
Madison Beard! Cause I'd imagine that she was singing there too, cause she's just that awesome. If not, she's still pretty awesome and always deserves some palm to palm contact (though she may look confused and awkwardly accept your high five)
-hi back to:
Coach Clark
Alright, Halloween was a blast! We played gatorball (which is a mix of football and soccer) for a bit then ultimate dodgeball (every man for himself. Hit you die, when the guy that got you get's out, you're alive.) THEN (drum roll) We watched...................................................... MONSTER'S UNIVERSITY! I forgot how good it is :) the short purple guy with the crazy legs and tiny arms is my favorite. "I CAN'T GO BACK TO JAIL!" "Yeah, I don't want to get... toooo big..." 
We had a great time :) 
The work this week has been tough. We only got 10 lessons... half of our goal, but due to interviews, Halloween, transfers, and other things, we weren't able to work really that much. We've got 
 zone training tomorrow which is going to be fun! I've been asked to lead the music :) And interviews with the Mission President and his wife were good. They're both amazing people, and I'm glad that they're my mission parents, cause I can't have my own... ;)
It's amazing how the Lord takes care of us, even though we're imperfect and dumb. He still loves all of us, his blind dogs, running into sin and transgression. If we listen to him, he will not lead us astray, but he'll lead us to his home once again.
Hearing about you all is a testimony builder. Even though I'm not there to help with anything, God is. always. I wish I could hear more from you, but this is where I need my focus. 
why must it be so hard to focus? Yesterday, actually, I actually helped with the lesson while the tv was on and loads of people in a small space. It's cause I had my back to the tv, but still. The Lord's mercies, I was having a hard day. 
I've been having a little trouble keeping my faith and my head up. Today I read some of my Patriaricle Blessing and Alma 32. Alma 32 says: 
 17 Yea, there are many who do say: If thou wilt show unto us a sign from heaven, then we shall know of a surety; then we shall believe.
18 Now I ask, is this faith? Behold, I say unto you, Nay; for if a man knoweth a thing he hath no cause to believe, for he knoweth it.
I was asking for miracles, signs, amazing lessons with baptismal dates, and by doing so... I lacked actual faith. 
We need to experiment. We need to "just do it" (have faith) for a little while, then we will know.
33 And now, behold, because ye have tried the experiment, and planted the seed, and it swelleth and sprouteth, and beginneth to grow, ye must needs know that the seed is good.
 34 And now, behold, is your knowledge perfect? Yea, your knowledge is perfect in that thing, and your faith is dormant; and this because you know, for ye know that the word hath swelled your souls, and ye also know that it hath sprouted up, that your understanding doth begin to be enlightened, and your mind doth begin to expand.
I don't know everything or even almost everything, but I have felt that swelling several times. I just need to have faith and remember what I have experienced, and hope for more experiences, though I may not be having one of those right now. 
I love all of you, I'm praying for you. Make the right choices and stay fresh. 
Elder Decker

Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 8! WOW! TODAY is my 2 month mission birthday! :D This work, this week has been FANTASTIC! YEEEAAAH! 
   We had ------>17<-------- lessons this week, that's a lot! Next week we have goals that will take us over 20 if we get everything done. I have faith that we can do it, but we're SERIOUSLY going to need God's help. This past week I've been SUPER happy, cause I realized that this is the greatest work anyone could do in their life EVER. and I get to do it when I'm 18. Dang, God must have SOME trust... I continually realize how i need to improve (esp Spanish...) but I know that I can do all things with God at my side. 
Speaking of improving, I've really been working on some stuff... Heavenly Father is really blessing my Spanish efforts, I'm learning things fast. Sento el poder de Dios en todos me obras cuando puedo por ayuda. Este es solomente mediante el Espiritu. Nessitamos el Espiritu mas in nuestro vidas para recibir los bendiciones nessitamos. Dad, google translate. ;) 
   I've been working on Spanish, but REALLY working on submitting my will to God's, and loving the people. Probably my greatest challenge here is focusing on my purpose and NOT thinking about GIRLS. Why do they have to be so awesome? I thought when you went on your mission there suddenly appears a shield between you and those temptingly fantastic beings we call girls. In seminary, whenever we talk about temptations, girls are ALWAYS mentioned, to be funny, but really though. MY WORK HERE IS THE ETERNAL SALVATION, I don't want to be thinking about marriage right now. That is not my purpose. In the MTC I gave up writing friends, and all of my last letters are out of my life now. I hoped that would fix all my problems, but then I start stressing out about what they thought about the letter and other such nonsense. I've been praying, asking for Heavenly Father to take away my weakness, and make me only think about how I can help those I serve. I want to be the best missionary I can be... everybody who happens to encounter this blog, please pray for my focus, specifically. I've always had a lot of trouble, but if you and God help be, We can accomplish anything, even the aligning of my will and FOCUS with God's. 
   I've had some trouble loving some of the people. The people who ask stupid, random questions (ie, how tall do you think the tower of Babel is?), but I'm trying. I need to further realize God's love for each of these people. 
   Now off to the fun/ funny parts. ;) First off, Thursday is HALLOWEEN, my first Halloween I won't be trick or treating (don't judge), and WE GET TO WATCH A MOVIE, MAYBE TWO! And we're having a zone wide party :) So, the movie that we're almost SURE we're watching is Nacho (FREAKING) Libre! OH YEAH! We'll also carve potatos :) good times. :) I'll talk about that party... next Monday after it happens... ;)
   Oh yeah, so we were on the way to a part member family's apartment. We had just turned a corner in the courtyard when we see this little fat Mexican kid, walking his bike. (looked EXACTLY like Chancho (fun fact: the english translation of that word is literally "fat kid")) We and this Chancho are walking on colliding courses. He sees us, starts freaking out, says "leave me alone!" struggles to turn himself and his bike around, struggles still more to get on his bike, swerves around, panicked, and leaves. I must confess, I TOTALLY thought he was joking... so I called out to him as he struggled to get on his bike: "los misioneros, NO!" (the missionaries, NO!) ...... We felt SUPER confused, until later, then we couldn't stop laughing. haha Good times. ;) Oh... Chancho. ;) "Wait! We just need to borrow some SWEATS!" This work is kinda fun. You've just got to take everything with a joyful heart. :)
   We've got interviews with the Mission Pres and his wife tomorrow. I... kinda can't wait :) I love them. :) 
Please pray for me, and if you happened to make to many pastries, or have some deer jerky you don't want, feel free to send some. ;) Actually, vegetables too. :) 
oh yeah, stake conference happened. All about member missionary work. 
the 3 H's of member missionary work are:
House: GET OUT OF IT. Get involved, coach soccer teams, get to know non members
Happiness: nobody has ever wanted to be like somebody who wasn't happy, we know why we're here, and where we're going, we have the greatest reason in the world to be happy.
Hypocrisy: DON'T DO IT. Be the same, amazing person that you say your church makes people be. The gospel of Christ is ALL about being a better person. Be the best person you can be. 
Have an amazing week. Remember who you are. :) don't drink and drive!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SWEET week as a whole. Made all our goals except 1 (contacting referrals) and exceeded in most. OH YEAH! Yesterday was a hard day though... We expected like 5 people to come to church... how many came? We had no lessons, though we had appointments and we visited loads... and a drunk Jehovah's Witness gave us back a BoM, said it wasn't anything like the bible, not true, and... S word... Plus I was sick. Not my best day in the field... anyway, yeah. I'm glad today's P Day so I can regroup my spirits...
Saturday I got to PLAY THE SAX DURING A LESSON! It was SO sweet. I played 3 hymns, 3 at the beginning, 1 at the end. I'm probably going to do that more for this family. They had an alto sax cause their son is learning to play. They enjoyed it and it TOTALLY brought in the spirit. 

We had a pretty good lesson. 
There are A BUNCH of people who are totally ready for baptism, just haven't committed yet (that seems to be a problem for Mexicans, my Mexican trainer said that, so it's ok). The challenge it trying to convince them that the change is worth it. 
I love this work. My Spanish is advancing like a Liger advances as a magician cause of it's inbred skills in magic. My Spanish is NOT a natural thing, The Spirit has been helping me a bunch, but it's advancing quickly. I give all glory to Heavenly Father for my Spanish. Maybe a bit to my AWESOME trainer, Elder Sanchez. 
So we went up and knocked on an investigator's door and someone from within yelled "Come In!" so we did. There was a man watching a really weird movie. He was old... and white... this was not the right house. We just stood there, like... hi... When he saw who we were, he got up really fast and practically pushed us out the door. All that we had the ability to say was "I don't think we're in the right house..." as he pushed us out the door. He was like "Yeah, me neither, go teach someone else," slightly rudely, but we can't really blame him. Two Mormon Missionaries just walked into his house, not who he expected. 
After we got out the door and down the steps, we COULD NOT stop laughing. The investigator's house was next door, and we continued our evening. Good times... HAHA
So another week of missionary work, up's and downs, rights and wrong doors. This gospel is true, and the best thing in this world. Stay fantastic, stay sweet, love with all your heart, and don't eat not completely cooked fish, or you'll get sick like me. ;)
Elder Decker

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog time from Poke! But really, I'm in Jackson Wyoming! The grand, beautiful ski resort... pretty much. ;) I'm not teaching real people, or rather my new, AWESOME, comp, Elder Sanchez, is and I, after finally figuring out what they're talking about, insert a little thing here or there. Spanish is hard. They talk, here, either SUPER fast, or with weird accents. Weird accent being: not from Mexico City. 
Pres. Brinkerhoff is super cool! Sister Brinkerhoff has taken a particular liking to me. She said that I remind her of her sons. *FIST PUMP* She's super funny though. She says to us "keep your hearts locked" which is fine and dandy, but she also says after "but keep your eyes open." She's funny. Haha 
We had a meeting for the the new missionaries and their trainers. It was good. I got to see my Poke house bros again. (the guys at the CCM going to Pocatello) That was super sweet. 
In the Mexico City airport I placed 2 LdM (BoM in Spanish) to 2 very nice families. *FIST PUMP* I love this work so much!
This work is AWESOME but pretty hard. Nobody's ever home, so lessons are hard to come by and there hasn't been a baptism in this area for Spanish yet this year... We're going to do it though. WE WILL. 
Elder Sanchez is MUCH more like me than my last comp. He really wants to and likes to work hard. He's more diligent than ME, and I've been trying to be diligent this whole time. He's also a native speaker of Spanish and has super good English, so he's been a huge help to me in learning Spanish. I didn't have that shock of suddenly being depressed about how little I knew Spanish like so many other Missionaries do. I never was very good at the CCM so I already knew I wasn't good. Actually, I've come to realize that I understand MUCH more that I thought I did. It's SWEET! 
The work here is HARD work. NOBODY has time for lessons cause everyone has like 3 jobs. People who have the ability to come to church are even fewer, but we're trying to find those lucky ones and trying to convince people that coming to church is worth talking to their boss about. The people haven't ever really gone to church cause... well... they're all catholic... 
Actually the Catholics are EASIER to teach cause they're all non practicing and have little knowledge of any church, so their super humble and open to hear our message. They've never been taught that Mormons are "of the DEVIL" and other nonsense. 
Everybody is SO nice. I forgot to bring my camera to the church, so right now I have no pictures for you but hopefully... this is for you mom/dad... SOMEONE... could get some google images for you. and put them on the blog. It's super mountainy, the Tetons are right outside town, and there are pine trees ALL over them. Way better than those brown mountains the guys in Idaho get. ;) GO JACKSON!
Oh, yeah it's snowing already... 
We had a really nice lesson with a guy 2 nights ago. He and his family were SUPER receptive to our message, took a LdM, Plan of Salvation pamphlet and prayed for us at the end of the lesson. That's not common. Unfortunately, his schedule is: work in North Dakota for a month, come home for 2 days. I have faith that he can become converted through personal study and prayer though. 
This work is the best work EVER!
Love you! I'm praying for you!
Elder T. Decker (funny story one of the trainers is another Elder Decker, he REALLY wanted to train me. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alright, this past week, I've made some changes in how I'll be serving my mission
     first, and most influential is: I will not be writing to my friends while on my mission. Yes, it's nout, but I really feel that it's what Heavenly Father wants me to do, because that's what I was focusing on, and it's definatly not the right thing. I love ALL of you but, I know that this is right. I'd love the get the occational note of support or the very occational care package, but I probably won't thank you until I get back home. When sending things, know that what I want most is a picture. That's what I miss most, seeing your wonderful smiles. Let my parents know if there's anything crazy that happens and they can let me know (ie mission calls, wedding announcments, other crazy awesomeness.) Remember that I love you and am still praying for you, but I KNOW that in order for me to be the best I can be, I need to make some sacrafices, and get more focus. ESP during this time, I want to only live through faith in Christ (galatians 2:20). If my plaque hasn't been made yet, that's my new scripture. "If we want to be something that's never been before, then we need to do something that's never done before. I have to chose to follow the influence of the spirit.
     next, life is like highschool, and a mission is like being in the band. each instrument is unique and has it's own advantages and deficiencies, and each reads music in a different key or clef. Each missionary has his own strengths and weaknesses and knows what to do, through the spirit, a different way. Saxes are usually off key, bassoons are ALWAYS off key, clarinets could get louder, trumpets could get softer, french horns could stop ripping, and nobody really likes piccilos. The awesome part is that you can change your natural instrument through self mastery. Adjust your mouth to change the pitch into in tune, play harder, phay softer, and traning to find the notes, ... idk what a piccilo could do... God is the director, and when we follow him, read the notes, and adjust ourselves, true beauty happens. As we change ourselves and follow God, we can be sucessful. I need to ajdust my ombisher a bit...
look up "no regrets" by Chad Neth on lds youth music. it's how I feel.
remember who you are, I LOVE YOU. God be with you till we meet again.
p.s. some people may be getting "last letters" from me
oh yeah, last week I became a zone leader, and this week the investigator ASKED us if he could be baptized. felt pretty good. love you

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prayer is Awesome

Bienvenedios a México! The doctor thinks a have a parasite. HOW FUN IS THAT?!? not fun. Yesterday I didn't go to class cause my stummy hurts. It still does, don't worry. I've experienced A LOT here so far. it's nuts. Just this past week I've had 2 AMAZING personal prayers, 2 blessings, and... 2... accidental high fives for the hermanas... we're not supposed to high five, and I was just looking for another 2 something... So, going along with the obvious theme of 2's, I'll have 2 main topics of discussion today.
1) Prayer, starting off with the nice, good one. Prayer is awesome. We have the ability (in fact we've sinned if we don't) to communicate with PADRE CELESTIAL. This is seriously AWESOME, if you decide to make it awesome. It all banks on YOU. He is simpre (always) listening, and simpre amoroso. (direct translation would be loveful) AN ALL KNOWING BEING is not only willing to communicate with us, the dust of the earth, but he wants with all his heart for us to talk to him.
How to Make Prayer AWESOME: >have a plan. My best prayer here, I made a note card of what I wanted to say, ask for, and ask, and that prayer was amazing. Have a plan.
>ask questions. If Abraham Lincoln were here, he'd be rushed with questions by all of us. He's a pretty great guy, but don't you think it's kinda stupid of us to not ask questions to the all knowing all powerful God (who, let's face it, inspires all good things i.e. the aboloshment of slavery...) Ask questions and he will answer, but remember, in his time, and you MUST ask with faith that he will respond.
2) This one may be considered a bit negative and rantish, but it's necessary to talk about. That thing is hate.
first off, IT'S FROM SATAN, so hate should not be a common thing among those who would consider themselves latter day SAINTS. Hate inspires SO MUCH EVIL. Hate has inspired, perhaps every bad societal problem namely: slavery, the holocaust, early persecution of the church, KILLING OF THE ORIGINAL APOSTLES, and the list goes on. Come on guys, let's think.
The reason I've been thinking about hate is that I've heard a few people here say that they "hate Mexicans." To that I'd like to say, "THEN WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?" God sent them on a mission to serve all people, and if there here in the Mexico City CCM (mtc) they're called to... serve Mexicans... (only Spanish speakers are being sent here)
Guys, all of us have a GREAT work to do, and hate only inspires evil works.
I don't know how many you you have seen the Mormon video about Sid Going, but it's pretty boss. you should look it up on
I love you guys, remember who you are, don''t drink and drive. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

another week, another blog. :D
I finally got letters today! from Dad and Savannah. WOOT! btw, don't send any more letters here, I will be gone before they get here.
WHICH IS NUTS! I've been here for a month on tuesday, it feels like 3 days, but I know i coudn't learn this much Spanish in three days, so what folks are saying must be true... a month...
Yeah that bag is lost, but I know why: I was focusing on writing letters to people. For some reason, writing letters from the mission field was my focus. Silly Elder. So now, I don't really have the ability to write home... haha.
I read the talk "the fourth kind of missionary" which has changed my entire perspective. look it up on google, anybody planning on serving a mission. It's helped me to find my focus, and give EVERYTHING to God. The 3rd kind gives his might and strength, the 4th kind gives his mind, heart, might, and strength. He says that this is the ONLY intelligent way to go on a mission because it's THE ONLY way you benefit form it. He also says that in order to give your mind and heart, you have to put your earthly goals in a box, and leave them home. I, unfortunatly can't afford to send a freezer box home with half my brain in it, so I did some casa surgery (casa is house.) Which mainly was prayer and writing down all my world desires in my journal, and I'll strive to not think about them until I get back.
I was having some trouble getting along with my companion. We're nothing alike. Then, a Hermama (hermanas are sisters, and AWESOME) had a talk with us while we were supposed to be giving her a lesson. We got a lot more out of that than trying to teach, I'll tell you. We've been getting along much better, and my Spanish have miraculusly gotten better as well! Heavenly Father is so awesome.
Guys, world, everybody, find out where your focus is, and if it's not on Christ and sharing his love and his gospel, make some changes. I'm not telling EVERY sister to go on a mission, though they're amazing, Just share his light. SMILE! BE HAPPY!  Because we have the greatest cause in the world to be happy. We know where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going. DO NOT take that for gtranted. This gospel is true. Christ died for us and we have the opportunity to be forever happy with God and Christ. Realize that this is of great worth, and CHANGE. Change your countanence, change your attitude, change your attitude about missionary work. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS LIFE, because it is one of THE ONLY things in this life that lasts.
love and prayers are headed your way
Elder Decker

Sunday, September 15, 2013

SO, blog! :D so first item of business is something I forgot last week. On one of our first few days here we were going around talking to missionary pedestrians about the gospel and stuff... and... I told a guy that... Christ... killed... for us... not my best missionary moment, but we got some good laughs! Something kinda similar happened to one of my district mates. He was teaching about the spirit and the MTC pres gave a devo about it earlier that week. So, he read a scripture from the devo that Pres Pratt had, and it sounded kinda familiar... He read the sacrament prayer for the bread in Spanish and didn't realize it until he was out of the lesson! Haha we had some more good laughs.
So, for you BYU football fans out there (for one, nice job beating  the longhorns) and two, TANNER MANGUM was my zone leader until he left this week. He's an amazing guy, and apparently an amazing football player. He'll be starting quarterback for BYU when he gets home... so yeah. Apparently he's not the best at fútball though. ;) He's super humble, and super focused on learning and sharing the gospel. I was seriously lucky to be a district leader and get to know him.
This is seriously the best work and I'm so privileged to be here! I hear that Andrew Mather is going to Brazil or something? I don't really know, cause I;m kinda in Mexico myself with little to no  communication with the states world. It takes 2 1/2 weeks for mail to get to and from the states... so if you sent me a letter the day I left, I might be getting it soon...
I'm just going to say this so I don't have to think about it again, I'll be back home Aug 11 2015, so plenty of time to get ready for college and catch up. :)
Ok, so I left a bag with my stamps, a letter I had just finished, MY CONTACT BOOK with all the your addresses, my journal that was so amazingly put together for me by Caroline Decker, and a binder in the cafeteria, and I haven't been able to find it yet... I lost it 2 days ago. I've checked lost and found, and I don't know how to talk to the people in the cafeteria cause they only speak Spanish, so please pray for me to be able to find it... I really want some 2 ways communication with you guys... :(
Anyway, besides that, I've been having a GREAT time with people who only desire to serve The Lord.
remember who you are!  and watch "member missionary work" on!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First letter back

So, first letter back really. Umm Spanish is hard. People told me that learning French would help... COMPLETE LIES. Seriously, the hardest part about spanish is french.
There are 4 guys IN MY DISTRICT who are going to pocatello, and we're in the same room too. Me, Elder Brown, Elder Law, and Elder Oakley. All pretty cool guys. we've called ourselves Poké house. :)
I got called to be disrtict leader of 10C! I'm mostely just more paranoid about how helpful I'm being... (The district is all people that arrived with me arnd are in the same class.) As district leader, I've had loads of chances to bare my testimony, which has strengthened it LOADS.
So, an experience: I was petting tabs on good scripture for each lesson, like... S(plan of salvation) EL (earth life) on a scripture that had to do with that. I was doing this 2 days ago and I had this sudden feeling that I should take them all off. ALL. I fought it for a bit, tbh, but I eventually did it. My Companion (Elder Brown) asked me why I wasted all those tabs right after I threw them away, and I simply said..." I don't know." after I sat down, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace, and I knew why I had to take them off. They were going to prevent me from teaching with the spirit. The scriptures that my investigators will need to under stand WILL vary. If I had kept them on, I wouldn't ever be as good a missionary I could be.
another experience: I was having a really hard time learning any Spanish at all, until I realized that my reason for learning Spanish was SUPER wrong. I was learning Spanish so after my mission I could move to Spain. Seriously Elder? I changed that. I AM NOW LEARNING SPANISH SO THAT I CAN TEACH THOSE WHOM HEAVENLY FATHERIS SENDING ME SPANISH SPEAKNING TO TEACH. Also, I was stressing out about Spanish so much that I didn't spend time with the scriptures. ¡NO BUENO! Your top priority has to be havign the Spirit with you. How could I be blessed with The Gift of Tongues if I was cutting off my communication with the Lord?!? Well, I got better.
While we're on the subject of discoveries, I discovered that my future wife, whoever she may be, HAS to want to be on time. I hate with passion, being late. A PASSION. nuff said ;)
I got a super short haircut... somewhat accidently... I don't speak spanish, and the haircut ladies don't speak english...
On the subject of english, our teacher has not said a sentence in english THIS WHOLE TIME. He's seriously great, and doing his job, but sometimes I wish I could... you know... understant things...
We had our first lesson with an "investigator" two days after we got here... we felt pretty useless after that, not going to lie. It got better though, yesterday was our last lesson with her and we got her to say the closing prayer :D That was super exciting. ONE more lesson, and she would have accepted baptism, I promise. ;)
I'm thinking of you and praying for you (in spanish) ;)
Don't drink and drive!
oh yeah! I went to the Mexico City temple today! It was AWESOME! Totallty aztec themed. and there's a massive picture of Christ coming to the americas. it's intense. I'm pretty sure He came to Mexico City. there are minor earthquakes like every week, it rains like every night (very fertile/ promised land) it's near a bit of land with two large bodies of water next to it ( they talk about fortifying it) and it was built on the old aztec ruin. The one that was the biggest city in THE WORLD when the Spanish found it... yeah that one.
some pictures! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We took Elder Decker to the airport today. The nice woman at the check in counter asked if we would like to go back with him to the gate. Here we are at the gate.

We got an email from him with these pictures.

I am here. no incidents. Woot. got some pictures of my first fellows :D
I already feel like I know more spanish than I did and I´ve been here for like 2 hours. ;)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Tim was set apart as a missionary on 26 August 2013 by President Chad Heath, Stake President of the Warrensburg, Missouri Stake. Thank you President Heath for everything! Elder Decker will leave for the Mexico City Missionary Training Center tomorrow, 27 August 2013. We love him and wish him the very best.

Just after being set apart as a missionary