Thursday, September 26, 2013

Prayer is Awesome

Bienvenedios a México! The doctor thinks a have a parasite. HOW FUN IS THAT?!? not fun. Yesterday I didn't go to class cause my stummy hurts. It still does, don't worry. I've experienced A LOT here so far. it's nuts. Just this past week I've had 2 AMAZING personal prayers, 2 blessings, and... 2... accidental high fives for the hermanas... we're not supposed to high five, and I was just looking for another 2 something... So, going along with the obvious theme of 2's, I'll have 2 main topics of discussion today.
1) Prayer, starting off with the nice, good one. Prayer is awesome. We have the ability (in fact we've sinned if we don't) to communicate with PADRE CELESTIAL. This is seriously AWESOME, if you decide to make it awesome. It all banks on YOU. He is simpre (always) listening, and simpre amoroso. (direct translation would be loveful) AN ALL KNOWING BEING is not only willing to communicate with us, the dust of the earth, but he wants with all his heart for us to talk to him.
How to Make Prayer AWESOME: >have a plan. My best prayer here, I made a note card of what I wanted to say, ask for, and ask, and that prayer was amazing. Have a plan.
>ask questions. If Abraham Lincoln were here, he'd be rushed with questions by all of us. He's a pretty great guy, but don't you think it's kinda stupid of us to not ask questions to the all knowing all powerful God (who, let's face it, inspires all good things i.e. the aboloshment of slavery...) Ask questions and he will answer, but remember, in his time, and you MUST ask with faith that he will respond.
2) This one may be considered a bit negative and rantish, but it's necessary to talk about. That thing is hate.
first off, IT'S FROM SATAN, so hate should not be a common thing among those who would consider themselves latter day SAINTS. Hate inspires SO MUCH EVIL. Hate has inspired, perhaps every bad societal problem namely: slavery, the holocaust, early persecution of the church, KILLING OF THE ORIGINAL APOSTLES, and the list goes on. Come on guys, let's think.
The reason I've been thinking about hate is that I've heard a few people here say that they "hate Mexicans." To that I'd like to say, "THEN WHAT'S YOUR PLAN?!?!?" God sent them on a mission to serve all people, and if there here in the Mexico City CCM (mtc) they're called to... serve Mexicans... (only Spanish speakers are being sent here)
Guys, all of us have a GREAT work to do, and hate only inspires evil works.
I don't know how many you you have seen the Mormon video about Sid Going, but it's pretty boss. you should look it up on
I love you guys, remember who you are, don''t drink and drive. 

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