Sunday, September 15, 2013

SO, blog! :D so first item of business is something I forgot last week. On one of our first few days here we were going around talking to missionary pedestrians about the gospel and stuff... and... I told a guy that... Christ... killed... for us... not my best missionary moment, but we got some good laughs! Something kinda similar happened to one of my district mates. He was teaching about the spirit and the MTC pres gave a devo about it earlier that week. So, he read a scripture from the devo that Pres Pratt had, and it sounded kinda familiar... He read the sacrament prayer for the bread in Spanish and didn't realize it until he was out of the lesson! Haha we had some more good laughs.
So, for you BYU football fans out there (for one, nice job beating  the longhorns) and two, TANNER MANGUM was my zone leader until he left this week. He's an amazing guy, and apparently an amazing football player. He'll be starting quarterback for BYU when he gets home... so yeah. Apparently he's not the best at fĂștball though. ;) He's super humble, and super focused on learning and sharing the gospel. I was seriously lucky to be a district leader and get to know him.
This is seriously the best work and I'm so privileged to be here! I hear that Andrew Mather is going to Brazil or something? I don't really know, cause I;m kinda in Mexico myself with little to no  communication with the states world. It takes 2 1/2 weeks for mail to get to and from the states... so if you sent me a letter the day I left, I might be getting it soon...
I'm just going to say this so I don't have to think about it again, I'll be back home Aug 11 2015, so plenty of time to get ready for college and catch up. :)
Ok, so I left a bag with my stamps, a letter I had just finished, MY CONTACT BOOK with all the your addresses, my journal that was so amazingly put together for me by Caroline Decker, and a binder in the cafeteria, and I haven't been able to find it yet... I lost it 2 days ago. I've checked lost and found, and I don't know how to talk to the people in the cafeteria cause they only speak Spanish, so please pray for me to be able to find it... I really want some 2 ways communication with you guys... :(
Anyway, besides that, I've been having a GREAT time with people who only desire to serve The Lord.
remember who you are!  and watch "member missionary work" on!

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