Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genesis 1:31 "and [Elder Decker] saw all that he had [written], and, behold it was very good..." (look at me -likening scriptures unto myself ;D)
-all the people at the stake dance: Hi! I love you, and I think about you a LOT (actually a bunch more than I'd like to... no offence)
-Brittany Simmons: I have no idea if she reads this, but anyone in my French class needs to let her know that I met a little girl who talks EXACTLY like Brittany's silly kid voice. I was cracking up in normal conversation. It was great. ;)

This past week has been fun :) We've gotten tons of gifts from our FANTASTIC members! The work has been progressing! Two freaking AWESOME (solid as a rock) people are getting baptized this Saturday :) AHHH I'm SO EXCITED! :)
Last week, however, I was a bit sick. I was having some trouble getting up on time and maybe having some trouble with my attitude... By Sunday I felt pretty bad about my obedience. Saturday night I accidentally fell asleep super early before any prayers AND I didn't wake up until 7:16. I felt like a scrub. Though that's not that bad, I FELT bad, because I knew I could/ should be better. That day during the sacrament I realized that this guilt that I felt could be washed away. right now. I prayed to Heavenly Father and asked for forgiveness and committed to try my hardest to be better. I felt peace wash over me, and I knew that that guilt was gone and that I had just started over. 
I testify to you of the reality, the actuality of Christ as the Son of God. He is our Redeemer and that means that we can be redeemed. We can end our old lives of following dark paths and start afresh by being baptized and taking the sacrament. I find that amazing, and I am thankful for that every day. 
Remember that the love that God has for you is perfect and eternal. It is there when you're happy, it's there when you're the vilest of sinners, it's there when you discouraged. it is just, simply, ALWAYS there. All that you must do is hold to the Iron Rod that will guide you to partake of the fruit of God's love which is Eternal Life, and the way you take hold of that rod is Baptism. You or your friends need it. All that could ever happen when you share or accept Christ into your life is joy. Take it. and remember He's the purpose of Christmas and Life.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Well, in 10 days I'll have been out for 4 MONTHS!!!!! Where has time gone? This is madness. When that hits I'll have been done with 1/6 of my mission, which I don't even want to think about. I'm not allowed to be this old. I SWEAR I'M STILL A GREENIE! AHH! Well we had a pretty good week with ups and downs (as usual) but yeah, that's life. 
So, apart from the shortness of life, I've been pretty good. On Monday we had an incredible experience:
We had a lesson with Allison at a member's house. The spirit was SO STRONG as the Members and the Spirit testified of our lesson (Gospel of Jesus Christ.) Everyone in the room felt it, especially Allison who is preparing herself for baptism very well. She's ready. We've just got to teach a few commandments and she's in the water. She knows that these things are true. I had the feeling to use Alma 32:35 and ask her "Is this not real? Are these things not true?" She said that she believed that they were real and true, and she will make the changes in her life that she needs to. We were all truly touched by the Spirit. 
You know what I TRULY love about Christ? There are many people who can be great examples for us, people who we can aspire to be, but Christ will help us follow his. He was the perfect example, and he is PERFECTLY helpful. That's what I love. He will help me as I strive to become like him. He will help me. He will help you.
This week I have realized how important the members are. You are the greatest asset to missionary work. If you are not, PRAY FOR MISSIONARY OPPORTUNITIES. Yes God will answer you and help you to know who, how, and when. Then do what he says. 
I love you and God loves you. He wants to see you happy with your friends in his kingdom
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Jackson Hole today, you've got -8 degree weather and snow. Good day to go skiing folks, so head on over to the Bunny Slope and carve some snow. 
Unfortunately, we can't ski on our mission, but it really is -8 right now. Our record was -18 this week, and we're looking forward to -20. 
Steager and Grant: heard you did great on your respective saxophones at Christmas on the Greens. Kudos :)
Bradley Stock: comes back from his mission today :) party time ;) 


The work here in Jackson is moving forward. Many people are ready to hear what we have to say, and are accepting our message. A few are preparing to get baptized, and someone got baptized Saturday the 7th. That baptism was nuts, and here's why:
-It was planned in less than a week. It was moved to a week earlier for many circumstances. It was the only day we could this month.
-The font doesn't work. Barely any water comes out of the spout, so, we filled it by hand. Took 2 1/2 hours of filling those massive church kitchen trash cans with water (in the kitchen) and dumping them in the font. It was pretty special. I don't think many have done that... 
-Then, we didn't have towels, so we called a family who lives near the church to drop some off. 
The baptismal service was amazing though. Everyone felt the Spirit SUPER strong. His great Grandpa talked for a bit at the very end, and the Spirit came in a rush.  
Family is the most important thing on this Earth. I'm learning this even more as I'm away from them during this season. Family is my main goal when I come back. That's really what I've been wanting for my whole life: a family of my own.
That may be my biggest distraction out here, however, Girls. They're EVERYWHERE! You can't ever escape (we're not allowed to go on the scout camp outs.) What is have to do is focus on my investigators. Learn all about them, constantly think about them and how I can help them. THEN I won't have time to think about girls here or back home. Prayer is key also. God will help in all things as we strive to do his will. 
This week I gave a blessing to a Recent Convert. She's been in distress about many things and is having trouble feeling the Spirit. After she told me that many things that I said matched her Patriarchal Blessing. God REALLY does work through us to help his children. Know that when you receive a blessing, it is not from the person whose hands are on your head, but from your Father in Heaven. 
I love you guys and be safe! Remember who you are and who's your Father. Don't drink and drive.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm not just saying this... it feels like every other day is P day. This is ridiculous. A mission is supposed to be 2 years, not 2 months (like it feels like.) 
some S/O:
Steager: Nice job on the turkey trot, and never ceases surprise me how much facial hair he has
Paxton Fam: Running is the best! Thanks for keeping my fam company for thanksgiving :)
This week I have seen miracles. 
As we are obedient and work hard, we WILL be blessed. This I know. Our investigators who are preparing to get baptized are changing and preparing. It's really amazing to see the difference that the gospel makes in lives. It really changes us more and better than anything else could or does. People try all the time to change, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can truly have a change of soul, and change of desires. This is the power of God. 
This month, we should have 3 baptisms. I honor God. This work is not of me, but of Him. This is the work by which the Children of God can return to him and the only way it happens is through our work and his will. Happy Christmas from God to his servants.
Thanksgiving was great :) We had 2 dinners, one with our ENTIRE district across the Teton Pass. It was SUPER FUN. It really made me grateful for the the members. They love us. They are so kind. These members had heard that I LOVE pumpkin pie, and the GAVE ME AN ENTIRE ONE. I've been working on it slowly since :) It's so delish. :) Our second dinner was with some members here in Jackson. It was a blast. There were like 17 people there and everybody laughing. There we met an amazing person who has since asked the Host when he can get baptized. God prepares his children, and when we're worthy, he causes them to be ready when we are there. 
Today we're off to Rexburg again to play some Gatorball (a mission invention) with our zone and the Rexberg zone. WE. WILL. WIN. 
So, this week I've discovered God's power to change people. The first 3 lessons are awesome, but the test is the 4th. The Commandments. That's when people really have to make a change in their lives. Before, one of our investigators didn't want to commit to the commantments, but this last week. He's committed to keep the hard ones: chastity and the WoW. God really changes hearts and helps us to see the light. This is conversion. It is real. 
I love this work, and it is REALLY the work of God. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker