Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm not just saying this... it feels like every other day is P day. This is ridiculous. A mission is supposed to be 2 years, not 2 months (like it feels like.) 
some S/O:
Steager: Nice job on the turkey trot, and never ceases surprise me how much facial hair he has
Paxton Fam: Running is the best! Thanks for keeping my fam company for thanksgiving :)
This week I have seen miracles. 
As we are obedient and work hard, we WILL be blessed. This I know. Our investigators who are preparing to get baptized are changing and preparing. It's really amazing to see the difference that the gospel makes in lives. It really changes us more and better than anything else could or does. People try all the time to change, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can truly have a change of soul, and change of desires. This is the power of God. 
This month, we should have 3 baptisms. I honor God. This work is not of me, but of Him. This is the work by which the Children of God can return to him and the only way it happens is through our work and his will. Happy Christmas from God to his servants.
Thanksgiving was great :) We had 2 dinners, one with our ENTIRE district across the Teton Pass. It was SUPER FUN. It really made me grateful for the the members. They love us. They are so kind. These members had heard that I LOVE pumpkin pie, and the GAVE ME AN ENTIRE ONE. I've been working on it slowly since :) It's so delish. :) Our second dinner was with some members here in Jackson. It was a blast. There were like 17 people there and everybody laughing. There we met an amazing person who has since asked the Host when he can get baptized. God prepares his children, and when we're worthy, he causes them to be ready when we are there. 
Today we're off to Rexburg again to play some Gatorball (a mission invention) with our zone and the Rexberg zone. WE. WILL. WIN. 
So, this week I've discovered God's power to change people. The first 3 lessons are awesome, but the test is the 4th. The Commandments. That's when people really have to make a change in their lives. Before, one of our investigators didn't want to commit to the commantments, but this last week. He's committed to keep the hard ones: chastity and the WoW. God really changes hearts and helps us to see the light. This is conversion. It is real. 
I love this work, and it is REALLY the work of God. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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