Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So another week has passed again... this is nuts. I survived transferes, luckily, so we're still together, me and Elder Sanchez. :) YAY! I love this guy :) Best trainer EVER ;) 
Some shout outs:
Maggie: was said to be a FANTASTIC witch in the HS production of Wizard of Oz
the unnamed lion: I know not whom thou art, but I know of your valiant qualities. (apparently stole the show.
Madame Davis: Hi back! I'm sorry, but learning Spanish has destroyed my French. I don't even remember how to make the nasal sounds... kinda sad really... 
Don't drink and drive!
Now, on to the fun part. What the snot has Elder Decker been doing this week, well I'll tell ya. 
Elder Decker, first off, has been trying to learn how to teach the gospel to white people. White people are SUPER weird, no offence. I just don't know what to say (which is funny, cause I actually speak English...) I've started teaching gringos, because this week we started bilingual work here in Jackson. English work is way different. It's way easier. 
A miracle that has happened in the English work is that WE GOT A GOLDEN REFERRAL! We're going to meet her tonight. She's into the BoM, and wants baptism. She even wanted to FEED us before she even met us. We're super excited. This is especially significant, because we JUST started bilingual, and the English Elders who we transferred were flojos (slackers) and they got the referral, but it was right before they left. They haven't been obedient, and we have, and we got the gold. 
Friends, if you are obedient, God will bless you abundantly. If you keep the commandments, you will be blessed with Eternal Life! What MORE could you want? BUT it doesn't stop there. God blesses us in this life too. So... DO IT. KEEP the commandments. It's the only smart thing to do! SO DO IT!
I got my new BIKE this week :) We're going to ride a SWEET trail today. Trails are in abundance here, and I'm stoked. 
So, my spiritual thought for today.... you may be sick of this topic, but that's that. gratitude.
When we show gratitude, studies have shown, that we actually psychically become happier.  Studies have shown that when you are more thankful, you exercise more, are much less likely to be depressed. 
PLUS it makes everybody around you happier too. When people show gratitude to me, it COMPLETELY  changes my day.
Show gratitude. 
The people here are fantastic. SUPER giving, and SUPER kind. We've gotten a bunch of delicious goodies that we don't have the stomach capacity to eat, so we share with our District. :) good problem to have :)
the work is STILL progressing here! :D we've got another baptismal date with more probables. Friends, the work in hastening, but the only way it can actually do it in by everybody working, so do it :) 
I love you! I miss you! but NEVER enough to THINK about coming home. That would be awful.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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