Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ANOTHER WEEK HAS GONE BY ALREADY! This is madness. I've been out for 12 weeks. The only things that convinces me that this time has gone by is the snow on the ground, and I'm almost out of a transfer agenda. What the freedom fries?!? 
We've been working like dogs here in Jackson for 6 weeks, and NOW WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! :DDDDDD Pray for Moises :) He's a great guy. :) 
Another pretty big change for the work here in Jackson is that... This is now going to be a bilingual area. Elder Sanchez and I will be the only 2 missionaries for 10,000 people. This is insanity. This is madness. We're going to have to be Spartan missionaries. This is our planner just for the Spanish work that we filled out before we knew what was going to happen. 
We understand, though, why we won't be getting more English Elders. The ones we have are flojos (slackers). They really haven't been doing anything. We'll probably be doing more English work in bilingual than they do going just English. It's super sad, but true. 
So, this work has got me thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon and how key it is. It is the proof of modern prophets. It is the proof that our Church is the only that has all the truths. Through reading it, pondering about it, and prayer, God will answer all our questions about it's truthfulness. I have done just this. and guess what? IT'S TRUE. We can talk about the Bible all we want, but in order to have faith in this church, we need to KNOW the Book of Mormon. We need to read it, mark it up with color (you should see my Alma 32), and act on the thinks it teaches. 
The book of mormon is true. It teaches the gospel of Christ. It is the same gospel that was taught by Christ and the Apostles, just by different prophets in america with different stories. 
Yesterday I was kinda down with stress, and I needed some lifting. Then we got a text from a member asking us to take part in a mission farewell :) We sang the 2nd verse of "Bring the World his Truth" in Spanish. It was very powerful and reminded me why I'm here. I love this work. To bring all to come unto Christ is my sacred calling and purpose. It is a calling and purpose we all have. Why should we share our church? Cause it's true.
 We're going to go get some free haircuts and have a district farewell party :) ttyl :)
Elder Decker

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