Wednesday, December 11, 2013

In Jackson Hole today, you've got -8 degree weather and snow. Good day to go skiing folks, so head on over to the Bunny Slope and carve some snow. 
Unfortunately, we can't ski on our mission, but it really is -8 right now. Our record was -18 this week, and we're looking forward to -20. 
Steager and Grant: heard you did great on your respective saxophones at Christmas on the Greens. Kudos :)
Bradley Stock: comes back from his mission today :) party time ;) 


The work here in Jackson is moving forward. Many people are ready to hear what we have to say, and are accepting our message. A few are preparing to get baptized, and someone got baptized Saturday the 7th. That baptism was nuts, and here's why:
-It was planned in less than a week. It was moved to a week earlier for many circumstances. It was the only day we could this month.
-The font doesn't work. Barely any water comes out of the spout, so, we filled it by hand. Took 2 1/2 hours of filling those massive church kitchen trash cans with water (in the kitchen) and dumping them in the font. It was pretty special. I don't think many have done that... 
-Then, we didn't have towels, so we called a family who lives near the church to drop some off. 
The baptismal service was amazing though. Everyone felt the Spirit SUPER strong. His great Grandpa talked for a bit at the very end, and the Spirit came in a rush.  
Family is the most important thing on this Earth. I'm learning this even more as I'm away from them during this season. Family is my main goal when I come back. That's really what I've been wanting for my whole life: a family of my own.
That may be my biggest distraction out here, however, Girls. They're EVERYWHERE! You can't ever escape (we're not allowed to go on the scout camp outs.) What is have to do is focus on my investigators. Learn all about them, constantly think about them and how I can help them. THEN I won't have time to think about girls here or back home. Prayer is key also. God will help in all things as we strive to do his will. 
This week I gave a blessing to a Recent Convert. She's been in distress about many things and is having trouble feeling the Spirit. After she told me that many things that I said matched her Patriarchal Blessing. God REALLY does work through us to help his children. Know that when you receive a blessing, it is not from the person whose hands are on your head, but from your Father in Heaven. 
I love you guys and be safe! Remember who you are and who's your Father. Don't drink and drive.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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