Thursday, September 5, 2013

First letter back

So, first letter back really. Umm Spanish is hard. People told me that learning French would help... COMPLETE LIES. Seriously, the hardest part about spanish is french.
There are 4 guys IN MY DISTRICT who are going to pocatello, and we're in the same room too. Me, Elder Brown, Elder Law, and Elder Oakley. All pretty cool guys. we've called ourselves Poké house. :)
I got called to be disrtict leader of 10C! I'm mostely just more paranoid about how helpful I'm being... (The district is all people that arrived with me arnd are in the same class.) As district leader, I've had loads of chances to bare my testimony, which has strengthened it LOADS.
So, an experience: I was petting tabs on good scripture for each lesson, like... S(plan of salvation) EL (earth life) on a scripture that had to do with that. I was doing this 2 days ago and I had this sudden feeling that I should take them all off. ALL. I fought it for a bit, tbh, but I eventually did it. My Companion (Elder Brown) asked me why I wasted all those tabs right after I threw them away, and I simply said..." I don't know." after I sat down, I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace, and I knew why I had to take them off. They were going to prevent me from teaching with the spirit. The scriptures that my investigators will need to under stand WILL vary. If I had kept them on, I wouldn't ever be as good a missionary I could be.
another experience: I was having a really hard time learning any Spanish at all, until I realized that my reason for learning Spanish was SUPER wrong. I was learning Spanish so after my mission I could move to Spain. Seriously Elder? I changed that. I AM NOW LEARNING SPANISH SO THAT I CAN TEACH THOSE WHOM HEAVENLY FATHERIS SENDING ME SPANISH SPEAKNING TO TEACH. Also, I was stressing out about Spanish so much that I didn't spend time with the scriptures. ¡NO BUENO! Your top priority has to be havign the Spirit with you. How could I be blessed with The Gift of Tongues if I was cutting off my communication with the Lord?!? Well, I got better.
While we're on the subject of discoveries, I discovered that my future wife, whoever she may be, HAS to want to be on time. I hate with passion, being late. A PASSION. nuff said ;)
I got a super short haircut... somewhat accidently... I don't speak spanish, and the haircut ladies don't speak english...
On the subject of english, our teacher has not said a sentence in english THIS WHOLE TIME. He's seriously great, and doing his job, but sometimes I wish I could... you know... understant things...
We had our first lesson with an "investigator" two days after we got here... we felt pretty useless after that, not going to lie. It got better though, yesterday was our last lesson with her and we got her to say the closing prayer :D That was super exciting. ONE more lesson, and she would have accepted baptism, I promise. ;)
I'm thinking of you and praying for you (in spanish) ;)
Don't drink and drive!
oh yeah! I went to the Mexico City temple today! It was AWESOME! Totallty aztec themed. and there's a massive picture of Christ coming to the americas. it's intense. I'm pretty sure He came to Mexico City. there are minor earthquakes like every week, it rains like every night (very fertile/ promised land) it's near a bit of land with two large bodies of water next to it ( they talk about fortifying it) and it was built on the old aztec ruin. The one that was the biggest city in THE WORLD when the Spanish found it... yeah that one.
some pictures! 

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