Thursday, September 19, 2013

another week, another blog. :D
I finally got letters today! from Dad and Savannah. WOOT! btw, don't send any more letters here, I will be gone before they get here.
WHICH IS NUTS! I've been here for a month on tuesday, it feels like 3 days, but I know i coudn't learn this much Spanish in three days, so what folks are saying must be true... a month...
Yeah that bag is lost, but I know why: I was focusing on writing letters to people. For some reason, writing letters from the mission field was my focus. Silly Elder. So now, I don't really have the ability to write home... haha.
I read the talk "the fourth kind of missionary" which has changed my entire perspective. look it up on google, anybody planning on serving a mission. It's helped me to find my focus, and give EVERYTHING to God. The 3rd kind gives his might and strength, the 4th kind gives his mind, heart, might, and strength. He says that this is the ONLY intelligent way to go on a mission because it's THE ONLY way you benefit form it. He also says that in order to give your mind and heart, you have to put your earthly goals in a box, and leave them home. I, unfortunatly can't afford to send a freezer box home with half my brain in it, so I did some casa surgery (casa is house.) Which mainly was prayer and writing down all my world desires in my journal, and I'll strive to not think about them until I get back.
I was having some trouble getting along with my companion. We're nothing alike. Then, a Hermama (hermanas are sisters, and AWESOME) had a talk with us while we were supposed to be giving her a lesson. We got a lot more out of that than trying to teach, I'll tell you. We've been getting along much better, and my Spanish have miraculusly gotten better as well! Heavenly Father is so awesome.
Guys, world, everybody, find out where your focus is, and if it's not on Christ and sharing his love and his gospel, make some changes. I'm not telling EVERY sister to go on a mission, though they're amazing, Just share his light. SMILE! BE HAPPY!  Because we have the greatest cause in the world to be happy. We know where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going. DO NOT take that for gtranted. This gospel is true. Christ died for us and we have the opportunity to be forever happy with God and Christ. Realize that this is of great worth, and CHANGE. Change your countanence, change your attitude, change your attitude about missionary work. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS LIFE, because it is one of THE ONLY things in this life that lasts.
love and prayers are headed your way
Elder Decker


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait to forward this to sister Haynes. She will be so happy for elder Decker!!!

  2. Sounds like you're doing well! loved reading this!

  3. Watch out comes Elder Decker. If your state wasn't on fire before it will be soon! HA!