Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog time from Poke! But really, I'm in Jackson Wyoming! The grand, beautiful ski resort... pretty much. ;) I'm not teaching real people, or rather my new, AWESOME, comp, Elder Sanchez, is and I, after finally figuring out what they're talking about, insert a little thing here or there. Spanish is hard. They talk, here, either SUPER fast, or with weird accents. Weird accent being: not from Mexico City. 
Pres. Brinkerhoff is super cool! Sister Brinkerhoff has taken a particular liking to me. She said that I remind her of her sons. *FIST PUMP* She's super funny though. She says to us "keep your hearts locked" which is fine and dandy, but she also says after "but keep your eyes open." She's funny. Haha 
We had a meeting for the the new missionaries and their trainers. It was good. I got to see my Poke house bros again. (the guys at the CCM going to Pocatello) That was super sweet. 
In the Mexico City airport I placed 2 LdM (BoM in Spanish) to 2 very nice families. *FIST PUMP* I love this work so much!
This work is AWESOME but pretty hard. Nobody's ever home, so lessons are hard to come by and there hasn't been a baptism in this area for Spanish yet this year... We're going to do it though. WE WILL. 
Elder Sanchez is MUCH more like me than my last comp. He really wants to and likes to work hard. He's more diligent than ME, and I've been trying to be diligent this whole time. He's also a native speaker of Spanish and has super good English, so he's been a huge help to me in learning Spanish. I didn't have that shock of suddenly being depressed about how little I knew Spanish like so many other Missionaries do. I never was very good at the CCM so I already knew I wasn't good. Actually, I've come to realize that I understand MUCH more that I thought I did. It's SWEET! 
The work here is HARD work. NOBODY has time for lessons cause everyone has like 3 jobs. People who have the ability to come to church are even fewer, but we're trying to find those lucky ones and trying to convince people that coming to church is worth talking to their boss about. The people haven't ever really gone to church cause... well... they're all catholic... 
Actually the Catholics are EASIER to teach cause they're all non practicing and have little knowledge of any church, so their super humble and open to hear our message. They've never been taught that Mormons are "of the DEVIL" and other nonsense. 
Everybody is SO nice. I forgot to bring my camera to the church, so right now I have no pictures for you but hopefully... this is for you mom/dad... SOMEONE... could get some google images for you. and put them on the blog. It's super mountainy, the Tetons are right outside town, and there are pine trees ALL over them. Way better than those brown mountains the guys in Idaho get. ;) GO JACKSON!
Oh, yeah it's snowing already... 
We had a really nice lesson with a guy 2 nights ago. He and his family were SUPER receptive to our message, took a LdM, Plan of Salvation pamphlet and prayed for us at the end of the lesson. That's not common. Unfortunately, his schedule is: work in North Dakota for a month, come home for 2 days. I have faith that he can become converted through personal study and prayer though. 
This work is the best work EVER!
Love you! I'm praying for you!
Elder T. Decker (funny story one of the trainers is another Elder Decker, he REALLY wanted to train me. 

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