Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SWEET week as a whole. Made all our goals except 1 (contacting referrals) and exceeded in most. OH YEAH! Yesterday was a hard day though... We expected like 5 people to come to church... how many came? We had no lessons, though we had appointments and we visited loads... and a drunk Jehovah's Witness gave us back a BoM, said it wasn't anything like the bible, not true, and... S word... Plus I was sick. Not my best day in the field... anyway, yeah. I'm glad today's P Day so I can regroup my spirits...
Saturday I got to PLAY THE SAX DURING A LESSON! It was SO sweet. I played 3 hymns, 3 at the beginning, 1 at the end. I'm probably going to do that more for this family. They had an alto sax cause their son is learning to play. They enjoyed it and it TOTALLY brought in the spirit. 

We had a pretty good lesson. 
There are A BUNCH of people who are totally ready for baptism, just haven't committed yet (that seems to be a problem for Mexicans, my Mexican trainer said that, so it's ok). The challenge it trying to convince them that the change is worth it. 
I love this work. My Spanish is advancing like a Liger advances as a magician cause of it's inbred skills in magic. My Spanish is NOT a natural thing, The Spirit has been helping me a bunch, but it's advancing quickly. I give all glory to Heavenly Father for my Spanish. Maybe a bit to my AWESOME trainer, Elder Sanchez. 
So we went up and knocked on an investigator's door and someone from within yelled "Come In!" so we did. There was a man watching a really weird movie. He was old... and white... this was not the right house. We just stood there, like... hi... When he saw who we were, he got up really fast and practically pushed us out the door. All that we had the ability to say was "I don't think we're in the right house..." as he pushed us out the door. He was like "Yeah, me neither, go teach someone else," slightly rudely, but we can't really blame him. Two Mormon Missionaries just walked into his house, not who he expected. 
After we got out the door and down the steps, we COULD NOT stop laughing. The investigator's house was next door, and we continued our evening. Good times... HAHA
So another week of missionary work, up's and downs, rights and wrong doors. This gospel is true, and the best thing in this world. Stay fantastic, stay sweet, love with all your heart, and don't eat not completely cooked fish, or you'll get sick like me. ;)
Elder Decker

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