Thursday, August 28, 2014

WEEK 52. (There are 52 weeks in a year)
I had a pretty sweet week! We found some awesome new Hispanic people to teach who look very promising! 
I saw Ashton Young and his wife in the temple on Wednesday! That was a crazy awesome happenstance! 
I saw an article in Mormon Times about Elder Kuhns from the MTC! That was awesome!
We've discovered that I'm allergic to EGGS!!! We had the radioactive egg test that made me sick, then we ate scrambled eggs at dinner. Similarly destroyed me. At least we've discovered one of the problems!
I strangely don't have much to say... only that I know that God helps us through our trials. He does not often take the challenges away. He WILL strengthen us to face the challenge every time though. That I know. It is evident in this 3 month never ending sickness. I have not been made better physically, concerning this sickness, but I have ,OBVIOUSLY, been made a better disciple of Jesus Christ because of it. That I know.
Honoring God
Elder Decker
P.S. We had fun with Duct tape.

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