Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 49!
Alright, so next Monday I will be a year from home. Crazy stuff. 
Being a District Leader puts me in charge of 4 sets of missionaries including us. We get to talk to everyone every night which is a blast! It's so awesome to hear about peoples' difficulties and miracles that happened. It's awesome, but a tad stressful. There is some paper work that I have to do that I don't quite understand, but life's supposed to be a challenge right?
We've been trying to find some new people to teach as well. We're struggling for right now, but as we work diligently and are faithful and obedient, Heavenly Father WILL help and bless us! 
The Spanish Branch Soccer Tournament was incredible! I got absolutely fried. I'm so burned. But our branch (Rexburg 20) got 2nd place! It was so cool! This is a yearly event, and I've looked forward to it since I left. Heavenly Father gave me a day without nausea so that I could play. YAY TINY MIRACLE!
I want to talk about the basics. The difference between an amateur and a Pro is the basics. It is how we do the very basic things that defines our abilities in all things, including our Spiritual health. 
We met a young college student yesterday who had some difficulties in his life, and now felt depressed. He didn't feel God's presence in his life. He felt lost. He saw some other missionaries at church and they gave him our number. We stopped by and we had a long talk. 
Following the Spirit, we asked about his scripture study, prayers, and temple attendance. 
He told us that all of those things need a lot of work, so we come back to the topic: the basics. 
If you want to feel God's presence in your life, if you want to feel that he is there, if you want a testimony, you MUST Read your scriptures daily, pray with sincerity, and go to church. THEN you will gain that knowledge little by little. 
It may seem dumb to do things when you aren't sure about their truth, but if you tried to wait to get good at anything before you try it, you will never accomplish anything. 
I love all of you and God does too! Seek him and you will find that he has been there trying to help you through your whole life. 
Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. He will help you overcome all things and will help you to feel him as you seek him.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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