Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 53
It's all quiet on the western front. Here in eastern Idaho storm clouds have accompanied us almost daily as we do our best.
Health update- I'm still not feeling fantastic, but I've been able to work every day. WHAT A BLESSING!
We had a Zone Conference on Friday. It was incredible. The spirit was SO strong there. I learned so much!
I especially learned about how we can avoid stress: study (being prepared), and planning.
If we believe that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us here on this earth and after, and he's perfect... that means that if we want to become more perfect, we need to plan. We need to make goals and plan how we are going to accomplish them. I encourage you all to pinpoint something that you want to improve, write it down, then make trackable goals to accomplish it. 
As we have a plan, God has more opportunities to direct us, because he sees that we're moving. A stationary car can't be moved by anyone, it's not moving by definition. Changing the direction of the tires will do nothing. When a car is moving, then the turn of the wheel will change it's course. When we are doing what we can to head down the correct road and making progress, Heavenly Father can guide us with a turn of the wheel when necessary. 
In order to get anywhere, you need to study a map, so you have the direction to get somewhere worth getting to. On the highway of life, we need to know where we're headed. It is for that reason that daily scripture study is so INCREDIBLY necessary. We need to review the map and judge our course so we can stay on our way to eternal life. 
Here's the evidence of what I've said, on a very small scale, that happened yesterday.
We wanted to put this study, plan, thing to a test. So, we planned in great detail for a lesson that we were to have later that day. We planned what we'd teach, what scriptures, who'd talk about what, everything. We could put all of this because we had studied over a long time. That lesson was one of the most powerful of my mission. Our goal was for her to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon and read it. Because of the spirit that was in the room as we taught with power and focus, knowing the plan, she committed to read the Book of Mormon in 2 months. She decided that action is what it takes to come to know the truth. She made a goal and made a measurable plan to get there. It's all about plans. It is ALL about action. 
The spirit was so strong. Everyone in the room felt it. She was almost crying because of the Spirit's presence. 
Make a plan.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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