Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So this past week (week 39) has been pretty good. On Thursday I woke
up sick and I've been sick since. The Mission Doctor isn't sure what
it is. I've got an appointment with him tonight to try to figure it
out. It might be a gall bladder thing... Now that Mom said that she
got her's taken out 3 years ago... That'll be fun :D (lies.)
Friday, while I was feeling sick, I though that I had lost my wallet
the day before at Walmart when I went to get some tums and prylosec
the night before. So we went over to Walmart to see if they had it.
They did not have it, but we DID talk to some nice people. Then we
proceeded to go home, where I found my wallet. Heavenly Father wants
us in specific places and times for reasons that we don't know.
If you're having a hard time, you might need to be there so that you
can help somebody else who might be in the future. Do not lose hope,
because Christ will always be there to help you through everything if
you let him.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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