Sunday, April 27, 2014

This week has been amazing! and this is why:
-We've got a baptismal date for April! It's with Cheyrel. She is amazing. She had a work accident that cut her arm off, but it was miraculously reattached by the doctors. She can move it and has good use of her fingers. This experience really brought her to God and she is the most spiritual person that I know. One of the things that she's been doing in recovery is physical training and her physical trainer was a return missionary! After a while he referred her to us and it's been amazing. Pray for her. We thank God for her and for our opportunity to teach her. I am filled with joy. 
-Also, yesterday was Easter! I LOVE EASTER! Because of Christ I, you, and we all will live again, we have the opportunity to return to live with God again if we repent, and we can become CLEAN! Christ's sacrifice is the most amazing thing ever and I am forever and always grateful for it. I testify that he lives and that he loves you. I testify that you can find joy because of Him. 
This past week has also been super hard and this is why: 
-I fell off my bike and destroyed a suit, and my knee ( here are pics from 4 different angles *studio C*) 
-We were given a TON of sweets, so we've wanted to kill ourselves with stomach aches. 
Tomorrow we will start a no carb diet! woot! I've been gaining some weight that I don't want, so we'll be dieting and working out harder! yay! Pray that I have the will power to do such things! :D I want to be 150 again. :/ I'm currently at 168. I know that I can do it! :D 
So, if care packages are sent, please replace sweets with......... jerky or dried fruit. :)
I love ALL OF YOU. Know that I know that this is the true church!
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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