Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 84
This was a fantastic week! It was full of stress, but it was also full of success. 
This is my Son! He's good at entertaining the kids with silly faces. He's from Florida and spent his first month in Argentina. He got sick and sent home to get better and he got sent here for the rest! We're happy to get him!
We've had some incredible experiences together this week.
EXAMPLE: On his first day here we were driving around a famously large trailer court here in town. I suddenly had the feeling to stop. I looked around and saw a some Hispanic kids by the trailer to our right, so we knocked on the door. There was an absolutely awesome person who hadn't ever talked to missionaries and was super nice and open to talk. She's talking to us now and hopefully she's reading the Book of Mormon! God's hand is in this work! 
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Someone brought a friend to church who's interested in talking with us! I LOVE it when that happens!
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: On his first day we had a lesson where the mom and I were crying, and the dad was almost crying. It was an incredible spiritual experience as we testified of Christ's power to help us through all challenges.
I'm the new district leader in this district. We've been really trying to see God's hand helping us  every day. As we've done that we all have seen more miracles. As we pay attention to His hand, we'll see it more.
I especially loved Elder Holland's talk. His are always the best.
The power of the Spirit is beyond our ability to fathom. If we will open our hearts it can fill us. Open up. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker
The other picture is a stupid one with Elder Pinkston

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