Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 76
When you get sad. Know that you're cooler than this guy... who puts a cardboard spoiler on a Honda Civic.
The other picture is our fantastic district! Sisters Crone and Vargas, Elders Johnson, Mortensen, Pyrah, and Me, and our Zone Leaders Elder Rabe and Olson.
We got some romantic mormon valentines taped to our door by a mysterious human... hopefully human. 
I've seen myself slip a little bit this past week. My intestinal bothers are bothering... I think I might be soy intolerant now too...
On Sunday there was a really nice story read that really helped me. It was about a kid named Robert who started off with simple problems like 1+1 then he advances. He then has more important problems to face like "If you fall off your bike and break your leg, is it your fault, your parents fault, the bike's fault, or the sidewalk's fault? then "If you're a teenager and you feel alone and that you have nowhere to turn do you a) Do drugs to drown life out b) kill yourself c) be depressed d) find another solution" then finally "If you've had 2 heart attacks and breathing gets harder and harder to do, how much did you love?"
The whole point was that we cannot chose the problems that we get, but we have to find answers. 
With my challenges this really hit home. I can't control the problems that I get, but I have to figure out solutions. The problems aren't punishments, they're my chance to grow. 
I love the gospel and church which both help me to find purpose in my life. I know that there is purpose. 
If you are searching for purpose in your life I highly advise prayer and significant time reading the Book of Mormon.
Honoring God
Elder Decker

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