Tuesday, May 13, 2014

It's May, it's May the... awesome... month of May!
I'm going to be 19 on the 14th... the HECK???
So, this week has been FANTASTIC!
Cheryl was baptized on April 30th! The Spirit was SO STRONG. It was
there. I know it and I felt it.
She was then confirmed on Sunday May 4th. The spirit was there and she
stood up with a glow.
I know that this gospel is true, because how could it not be? God set
Cheryl up for us perfectly. There is NO WAY that someone as stubborn
and non-flaky as her could have been baptized 18 days after we met her
if this gospel wasn't true.
The day we got a text about her from a 3rd party without her
permission, we had prayed to find someone, and she had prayed for
direction in her life. THAT CANNOT BE COINCIDENCE.
Today I prayed in my morning prayer that we may find someone and an
hour later we got a call from a bishop about a Spanish couple who had
moved in and expressed interest. THAT CANNOT BE COINCIDENCE.
In August of 2012 I finished the Book of Mormon and decided to pray
about it. When I did, I was filled with joy that i cannot accurately
I was sent to the Idaho Pocatello Mission and I have met people who
have affected me in ways that I cannot have gotten any other way. I
also have gotten connections for my future career that I could not
have gotten anywhere else. I never told the person who assigned me
what I wanted to do when I grow up (build temples). THAT CANNOT BE
To ALL, I know that the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was a
prophet and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet today. I KNOW that the
Book on Mormon is the word of God.
I love all of you and I only desire your joy and happiness. I have no
ill feelings for any of you.
I say this because I love you and I know that Christ lives. I know
that he continues to talk to his people on the Earth. These things
cannot be coincidence.
Just like I know that it's true, I know that you can know it too. I
challenge you to pray and find out for yourself if what I have said is
true. It will change and bless your life and it will be worth
Remember who is talking. This is Tim Decker. That singing, dancing,
music playing, bow tie wearing, party loving, crazy kid who you know.
Don't doubt, only believe.
Honoring God (which is what Timothy means)
Elder Decker

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