Friday, March 7, 2014

This past week has gone by SUPER slow. I'm SO GLAD that it's over. 
Highlight of the week! Exchanges with the District Leader Elder Machen, who's awesome! I REALLY learned a lot. He's a great Elder, and really wants to be obedient. During that exchange we had a white out. We couldn't see the road at all, but we didn't die even once. All was well, and we taught a few people. :) 
What I've been thinking about for the past while is Christ, again. He's a pretty awesome guy. ;)
I've been thinking about how contradictory his life was. HE was perfect, but his life was actually kind of awful. For his miracles and perfect love, he was rejected and hated. Men have their way of persecuting goodness.
How does this apply to us? Elder Jeffery R Holland said "When you struggle, when you are rejected... you are standing with the greatest life this world has ever seen." Good people have hard lives. There will be people who reject and strive to destroy your light, and that's ok. That just means your walking in the path of Christ. "Standards are not set for when it's easy." (Jane Eyre) The standards we have as members of the Church are for when we have to stand, when we have to "arise and shine forth." It's my humble prayer that we will be willing to stand, when darkness and hell attack, because it will come, and it will attack. be prepared. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker 

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