Wednesday, March 19, 2014

this past week has been VERY eventful. first some shout outs:
Young Family: it was CRAZY to see them when I came out of the temple on Friday (mar 14) Shallyn was going into the temple for the first time! That's SO EXCITING! AND she's going on a mission! 
Congrats to her, Chris, Danny, and Shannon for mission calls/ sending papers in!
My Mom: cause she's the best. y'all are jealous. 
My Dad: also the best. 
Ok so going on to what's happened this week. 
The Mission President, President Brinkerhoff, and his wife came to Jackson for the weekend. We had lunch with them. They helped us to see more opportunities to find people to teach. We talked to our waiter and he totally gave us a referral. He even said that he's interested. It was nuts. They came to church the next day and gave us 3 referrals. They're powerhouses. We're going to start going shopping to find people to teach. Or at least act like we're shopping. ;) So Dad, if I accidentally spend a couple hundred dollars, it just means that we just started teaching an art dealer. Don't worry about it. ;) 
On Friday we went to the Temple, as I've already mentioned. It was the most spiritual time in the Temple I've had so far. I hadn't been for 6 months. That's way to long. we're allowed to go once every transfer (6 weeks), and we haven't been. Go to the Temple as often as you can.
Well, me and my companion have been having a bit of trouble getting along. It's been a really hard transfer, BUT on Thursday we had a SUPER good talk, and we're now both willing to work forward. Our biggest problem has been communication, so... COMMUNICATE! Never assume that anybody knows something. Make sure. It will bless your lives in you marriages and friendships. 
Christ is always there. In good times and bad. 
Honoring God 
Elder Decker 

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