Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 93
I have only one week left = insanity. There are many emotions involved. 
This past week we've been diligent in the work but we didn't teach many lessons. I was sad, because it really didn't reflect how much we worked. 
I have loved my mission a lot. I have loved what I've learned and taught and the people that I've met. 
There is no work that is greater than God's. This is his work.
I know that I talk about this a lot. I know that everybody does, but You really need to be reading the scriptures. It is a sin to not read the word of God daily. It is a commandment. Contained in the Book of Mormon and all other scriptures is God's message for us. If you knew that you got an email from President Thomas S. Monson you'd probably read it as soon as physically possible. Why is reading the scriptures any different? YOU need to be doing it DAILY. Don't make excuses to not read them. That's just dumb.
Honoring God 
Elder Decker


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