Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 63
Today, I only have 9 months left. THAT'S INSANE! 
My little bro is 14! That's crazier. 
Jerusalem was being bombed! I just learned that like 2 weeks ago!
This past week was crazy. LOADS of ups and downs. It's been wacko. 
We were getting a bit discouraged this past week, trying to find people to teach. We were praying hard and a lot. On Thursday when we were at the gym a guy walked up to us, said that he'd been taught previously and wanted to meet with us again. WE WERE SO EXCITED!  We stopped by his house later that night and the spirit was there SO STRONG. We talked about the Restoration of Christ's church and testified that the Book of Mormon is true. We shared how each of us had come to that knowledge. He said that he felt elevated by the things that we taught. He could feel the Spirit testifying that these things are true. 
I know that these things are true. Christ has, once again, reached out to us. He's, again, given us a prophet, as he always has (see: The Holy Bible), to lead, guide, and direct us; to know his will for us. 
The evidence of these things is The Book of Mormon. read it, you've got nothing to lose, in fact, it will bless your life in ways that you can't imagine. 
Honoring God
Elder Decker
pictures: our adventure last Monday 

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